School of Evangelization for Formation

School of Evangelization Program on Summer

In the Eparchy of Bahir Dar – Dessie the school of Evangelization for formation has prepared the one month training has been given for the laity leader from all the parishes under the Eparchy and youth ministries from the whole parishes.

This school of Evangelization for formation is a special school which is supposed for the formation of new ministries for the reaching out of the good news. As our dioceses is established early , this school of Evaingilization for formation helps us much in production of the capable catholic Christian for the mission of the gospel. Before the school begin, the school started the one month training to the concerned bodies of the Eparchy (dioceses).

Totally in the one month training 120 Participants attended the the introduction courses. The total of 120 participants classified in to two groups. The first group is laity leaders from the parishes which are 40 in numbers and the second group is the youth representatives from the parishes which are 80 in numbers. The one month training has been classified in to two programs

Welcoming the all Laity Leaders from different parishes under the eparchy of Bahir Dar Dessie



The Laity leaders from the parishes had been taking the training before the voting for the council members.






Finally at the end of the week the bishop summitted the elected laity council in front of the faithful in the church






Youth Programm in the School of Evangelization

In this program the participants from the following parishes has participated. In 16th of July, 2016 the youth representatives from the different parishes welcomed to the Cathedral of the Dioceses (Eparchy) of Bahir Dar – Dessie. Then after entered through mercy door of the Cathedral, having the welcoming speech of the Bishop and Parish priests of the Cathedral, the participants had been taken to the supper then finished introduction session then bedroom. In the next day which was Sunday 17th of July 2016, the youth representatives started the journey to the Dessie after the Holy Mass in the Cathedral. Dessie is also one of the biggest Parishes in the Eparchy. As the Name of the Dioceses implies, the two biggest cities which called “Bahir Dar – Dessie.” The they attended for the following courses and events in the Dessie.


Courses in the Dessie

  • Theological meaning of Wudassie Mariam “the Praise of the Mary” by Imahoy Haregewoyn
  • Prayer (Different styles of worship prayer) and Traditional liturgical prayers
  • The theological foundation of Ethiopian Rite by Fr Firew
  • Apologetics by the Bishop of the Dioceses
  • Structure of the Church, by the bishop of the Dioceses
  • The Mission of the youth in church by Mathewos
  • Formation of the youth ministry council at dioceses level
  • Experience sharing among the youth from different parishes


They courses and events had been given for one week in the Dessie finally at the end of the day the program summarized by the bishop, and in 24th of the July, 2016 they whole participants back to Bahir Dar. In 25th of the July, 2016 the two weeks course started in Bahir Dar, and following the same procedure as it Was in Dessie.


Program in Bahir Dar

After finishing the one week program in Dessie, the whole students came to Bahir Dar


Courses in the Bahir Dar

  • Introduction to the bible by Bishop of the Eparchy (Dioceses)
  • The church in the letters of St. Paul by Fr Misrak Tiyu (PhD)
  • The theology of the body by the W/ro Helen
  • Biblical leadership styles Fr Daniel Hasso (PhD)
  • The seven deadly sins by the bishop of the eparchy (Dioceses)
  • Skills in the witness of the Faith by ex-Pastor Muluken Abate

Finally the participants voted for the seven youth council members. At the end of the day 7th of August the bishop presented the seven youth council members to the church after the mass, the faithful and all the youth had given them the blessing with the bishop and priests.




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