Our History


The Holy Father Pope Francis on 19th January 2015 erected the Eparchy (Diocese) of Bahir Dar-Dessie (area 221,775, population 16,215,850, Catholics 17,544, priests 24, male and female religious 47), in Ethiopia, with territory from the metropolitan Archeparchy of Addis Ababa, making it a suffragan of the same ecclesiastical circumscription. The new diocese in Ethiopia has joined together the two districts of Bahir Dar and Dessie. The Holy Father appointed Bishop, Lisane-Christos Matheos as the first Bishop of the new diocese. Until his appointment Bishop Lesanu-Christos Matheos has been the Auxiliary Bishop of Addis Ababa Since 2010. The new Bishop of Bahir Dar – Dessie, Lesanu-Christos Matheos was born in 1959 in Addis Ababa. He was ordained priest in May 8, 1988 and holds a Licence in spirituality from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. The seat of the bishop of the new diocese is in Bahir Dar.

VISION OF Eparchy of Bahir Dar Dessie Catholic  Chruch

To See each and every individual person in the eparchy where all Its Spiritual, Physical Socio-Cultural Needs Are Met, and all People Are Living In Harmony. So that finally all may inhert the promise of the lord, eternity.

MISSION OF Eparchy of Bahir Dar Dessie Catholic  Chruch

The mission of Eparchy of Bahir Dar Dessie Catholic Church is to bear witness to the love of God (Acts 1:8) by promoting the integral human development of all members in the Eparchy in particular the faithfull  by ensuring salvation of all human being through evangelization, awareness raising and capacity building  with the aim of individual and social transformation.


Ensuring the dignity of human person with the suficient grace to witness the love of God by Caring for the poor & marginalized empowering solidarity and stewardship.


The Eparchy of  Bahir Dar – Dessie comprises 8 Zones of Amhara Regional State (North Gondar, South Gondar, East Gojam, West Gojam, Agew Awi, Wag Hemra, North Wello, and South Wello) Special Oromiya Zone and 1 Zone of Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Metekel Zone and 3 Zones of Afar Regional State (Zone 1, Zone 4 , and Zone 5)

The newly eparchy comprises of 8 zones of Amhara Regional state North Gonder, South Gondar, East Gojam West Gojam, Awi, Wag-Hemra, North wollo, South Wollo, Special Oromia Zone,  Metekel Zone from Benshangul Gumuz and Zone 1,4 &5 from Afar. Approximate Figure:  224,350 Sq.Km Populations 18,484,104. Before the alleviation to Eparchy level, the catholic socio- pastoral activity in Amhara and Benshagul gumuz area has been implemented by Archdiocese of Addis Ababa, in 2007, for close follow up and effective implementation of different activities, the Archdiocese has established a branch office in Bahir Dar. Then, after three years, due to the vastness of the Archdiocese and massiveness of the work to be done, Emeritus Pop Benedict 16th appointed an Auxiliary bishop for Archdiocese of Addis Ababa, while alleviating Branch office of Bahir Dar to Pastoral Territory level. Indeed the has lesson a great challenges of the branch office and create an opportunity to broaden the work of Catholic church and strengthen, the first and new evangelization program in the Pastoral Territory. But still there was an immense work load on the responsible Bishop. In January 2015, Pope Frances felt need of alleviating the pastoral Territory to Eparchy level, and appointed a full responsible bishop to overlook the socio-pastoral activities of the catholic church as well as encourage the faithful, strengthen, ecumenical relation with sister churches.


The eparchy of Bahir Dar – Dessie has the following permanent address

Email: ebdcscommuni.office@gmail.com

Tel: +251-580-220-1927

Fax: +251-580-226-3275

P.O.Box: 1058

Facebook: Eparchy of Bahir Dar Dessie

Website: http://www.bahirdardessiecatholic.org

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